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New Cherokee Mural Adorning the Walls of Swain High

Our amazingly talented student artists painted this eye catching mural in the humanities department area.

Painted by: Lydia Dingle, Sarah Walls, Alethea Zakrzewski, Lexi Carter, and Kali Wiggins

The final mural design resulted from a competition between small groups and individual members of the combined Art II-IV classes and contains both elements from the winning designs created by Sarah Walls and Lydia Dingle and selected imagery and ideas from designs contributed by other class members. Kane Pina, a class member, also advised the mural painters about the Cherokee language included in the mural. Input and assistance were given in choosing the final design by Jane Deane's Cherokee class. The final design sketch used for the mural was approved by The Museum of the Cherokee Indian before painting began.

The students who painted the mural want its viewers to know the following:

“This mural is meant to display significant parts and aspects of Cherokee history. Two historical figures are featured, one being the creator of the Cherokee syllabary (Sequoyah), and the other being a political leader who advocated for peace with European Americans (Nanyehi, A.K.A. Nancy Ward). The seven clans are also represented, along with certain legends from Cherokee history. The horned serpent in the center is known as Uktena, and the spider is known as the Grandmother spider.”

The class and Mrs. Babb would also like to thank Annette Clapsaddle, who suggested the mural be updated.


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